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Q&A with freelance online marketing guru Lidia Van Wyk

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FCT: What is SEM & social media marketing?

Lydia: SEM (search engine marketing) utilizes search engines such as Google and social media platforms like Facebook to drive traffic to business websites and generate new business leads through paid advertising.

FCT: How do businesses benefit from SEM and social media marketing?

Lydia: It’s one of the most cost effective ways to reach your target market when they are ready to buy.

Research shows that 90% of online searches are conducted by people who are at the end of the buying cycle. It’s quick to implement, scalable, measurable, provides immediate traffic/sales/leads and creates brand awareness.

FCT: Is it expensive to launch an online campaign using Google or Facebook?

Lydia: You can determine how much budget you’re willing to allocate to your campaigns based on an estimated CPA (cost per acquisition/lead) which is largely determined by your competitors, search traffic volumes and the CPC (cost per click) of your industry keywords (Google Adwords). Facebook is very cost effective as the CPC is relatively low, therefore providing a good ROI with access to very granular audience targeting.

FCT: Sum up your skills in 7 words.

Lydia: Creative, strategic, analytical, resourceful, responsive, proactive, collaborative.

FCT: What do you enjoy most about freelance?

Lydia: I enjoy being my own boss. I also enjoy the challenges it presents as you’re forced to think like a business owner which grows you as a person. I’m passionate about helping businesses to solve their marketing challenges.

FCT: Describe the verb to freelance in the dictionary according to you.

Lydia: freelance | free·lance | ˈfrēˌlans/ verb: A vocation that gives one the option to partner up and add value to an existing entity who require a specific skill or service for a temporary period.

FCT: How have you benefited from Freelance Cape Town?

Lydia: I’ve received some great work referrals and due to these met some people along the way with whom I’ve formed a partnership/collaborative working relationship.

FCT: What are your words of wisdom/encouragement for those who are thinking of embarking on the freelance journey?


  • The beginning is slow – persevere, don’t give up too quick and keep trying different things.
  • Always add value to your clients and go the extra mile.
  • Network at every opportunity and look for different ways to find new clients.
  • Never turn down an offer to meet potential clients (even if they might not have work for you at the time). These very same clients could be calling you in a year’s time.

Check out Lidia’s profile by clicking here. 


Q&A with freelance photographer Kate Davies

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FCT: When did you start working as a freelancer?

Kate: Officially I became a full-time freelancer in November last year. I was freelancing before that, but I had a day job too.

FCT: Sum up your skills in 7 words.

Kate: Creative. Particular. Passionate. Knowledgable. Approachable. Strong. Non judgemental.

FCT: What do you enjoy most about being able to freelance?

Kate: I love the different jobs, the variety of briefs, dealing with totally different people, juggling many balls in the air at the same time. I’ve always loved being busy with many projects at the same time so freelancing is perfect for me.

FCT: Do you think freelancing is unconventional?

Kate: Not at all. On the contrary, I feel that staying in one job your entire life is quite unconventional.

The idea that you can work with many different people, within a variety of parameters, on a day to day basis is the best life/skill education one could ask for. I would never have learned a quarter of what I know now if I was in one place all day, everyday.

FCT: Describe the verb to freelance in the dictionary according to you.

Kate: free·lance | ˈfrēˌlans/ verb: the trading of one’s skill/s for reimbursement

FCT: Tell us about your work ethic.

Kate: I am an incredibly hard worker, I am obsessive about photography and I am super anal when it comes to quality. This is a trait you either like or dislike in me. Oh, and I also hate laziness. Hate it.

FCT: What do you believe makes you stand out from the crowd?

Kate: I look for solutions, rather than dwelling in possible problems.

I am a creative as well as an academic so I understand a lot more than just what is put in front of me on paper.

I am very rarely late, and I am able to flip between many different genres of my craft very easily, as I have spent an incredibly large amount of time perfecting each one, and I am a fairly easy person to be around.

FCT: Describe the space where you work at?

Kate: My own personal space would best be described as organized chaos. I am always busy with at least 10 projects and there are bits of each intertwined with my regular life. I like it this way- I know exactly where everything is and I can see my work unfolding. I feel I need to physically see my work to be inspired to continue.

FCT: How have you benefited from Freelance Cape Town?

Kate: I have been booked on a few jobs through Freelance Cape Town, through direct messages on the site or through clients who have seen my work on the site.

On top of just the work side of things, it is great to share space with other freelancers in your own industry.

We don’t often meet in person, so to read up on what others are doing is really informative.

FCT: What are your words of wisdom/encouragement for those who are thinking of embarking on the freelance journey?


  • Make sure you are 100% invested in your skill and that you are willing to work hard.
  • Be open to all kinds of work and every job will teach you something you didn’t know before.
  • Also, there is no shame in saying “I don’t know”, this will get you far in the world. Too many people want to be seen as masters of their craft early on, and don’t want to get their hands dirty or admit they are unsure.
  • Be honest.
  • Head into each job with enthusiasm.
  • Remember that every person you work with is your equal, hierarchy among creatives is boring and quite a turn off.

Follow this link to view Kate’s online profile.


Q&A with freelance writer Samantha Snedorf

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FCT: When did you start working as a freelancer?

Sam: I began working as a freelancer in January of this year after I quit my previous job in order to pursue my dream.

FCT: Tell us about that dream.

Sam: My dream is to become a full time writer. To work for myself and have my own website filled with content that I created. The final part of that dream is being paid by companies to write my beautiful content which I am still working on.

FCT: Sum up your skills in 7 words.

Sam: Passionate about writing, gin and mean cats .

FCT: What do you enjoy most about freelancing?

Sam: I love the freedom and flexibility of freelancing. I’m not the biggest fan of being in an office. Plus you can work in your pajamas if you like and no one will ever know.

FCT: Do you think freelancing is unconventional?

Sam: I think freelancing was unconventional but in 2017 and the age of the Millennial, freelancing is the direction that more and more people are taking as we search for job satisfaction.

FCT: Describe the verb to freelance in the dictionary according to you.

Sam: free·lance | ˈfrēˌlans/ verb: to work when and as one pleases through generating work for various establishments as non-permanent staff. Usually from one’s own home or office.

FCT: Tell us about your work ethic.

Sam: I’m actually pretty hard on myself. I have a routine for everyday because structure is important. Once I land a job I do my absolute best to send out what they are looking for as soon as possible. I push myself until the best final product can be presented.

FCT: What do you believe makes you stand out from the crowd?

Sam: I am quirky with a unique view on the world. I think some of my blog topics are unusual and interesting such as gin and being a model. I think I have something fun and captivating to offer the world and hope that someday people will see that.

FCT: Describe the space where you work at?

Sam: I work from home at a beautiful desk that my boyfriend hand crafted for me including the laser etched image of a raven on the right side in tribute to the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. Why is a raven like a writing desk?

FCT: How have you benefited from Freelance Cape Town?

Sam: I am still waiting for a client to find and use me through the Freelance Cape Town platform but I think it is a good way to have my name out there.

FCT: What are your words of wisdom/encouragement for those who are thinking of embarking on the freelance journey?

Sam: It is not an easy one and it is a very bumpy road. I am still figuring things out and often at times I have no idea what I am doing.

But I do believe that the universe has a way of making things work out and if you are completely passionate about something, it can only come into fruition with enough dedication and hard work.

Take a look at Sam’s FCT profile here, and then of course her website.
Otherwise get hold of Sam by contacting her directly 0721448519 or sam.snedorf@gmail.com

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Freelance with Illustrator and Graphic Designer Careshia Steenkamp

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10 questions for freelance illustrator and graphic designer Careshia Steenkamp on career, life and freelancing.

1. FCT: When did you start working as a freelancer?

I’ve only been freelancing full time since the 1st of Feb 2017. But I’ve been taking on freelance jobs since I started working 3 years ago.

2. FCT: Sum up your skills in 7 words.

Passionate, spontaneous, storytelling illustrator and designer.

3. FCT: What do you enjoy most about freelancing?

The variety of work that I have everyday means that I’m never bored.

I also enjoy the freedom that I have to move around and manage my own time. It’s great.

4. FCT: Do you think freelancing is unconventional?

Yes it is, but the world is moving toward it more and more, especially in certain industries.

5. FCT: Describe the verb to freelance in the dictionary according to you.

 free·lance | ˈfrēˌlans/ verb: To work on your own terms, self-employed and not commited on a long-term basis.

6. FCT: Tell us about your work ethic.

Hard working, self driven and very curious to try new ways of creating art.

7. FCT: What do you believe makes you stand out from the crowd?

My style can be quirky and fun.

8. FCT: Describe the space where you work at?

I work everywhere; from my flat in Tamboerskloof that overlooks Table Mountain, to a nice coffee shop. I especially enjoy one of my new client’s home in Vredehoek- with amazing fibre internet!

 9. FCT: How have you benefited from Freelance Cape Town?

I landed a job at Quirk and stayed there for a year and a half, as well as freelance jobs here and there.

10. FCT: What are your words of wisdom/encouragement for those who are thinking of embarking on the freelance journey?

  • It’s scary at first, but super exciting.
  • You need to have a portfolio website with only your best work on it and you need to impress on the get-go.
  • Always be willing to work on jobs that you usually wouldn’t, because you never know where it might lead to.
  • Save money!!!
  • Work hard.
  • Try and do exciting personal projects to better yourself and to explore- this is the time to do it, because you can and you have the freedom to pursue it!

You can view Careshia’s profile by clicking here.

Writer Tamara Arden with Freelance Cape Town
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Freelance with writer Tamara Arden

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Tamara Arden has worked in an array of media such as magazines, newspapers, radio, advertising and digital; and one can only see why this freelance writer’s pen is destined for great things.

Both free-spirited and grounded; Tamara shares her freelance journey and her words slowly draw you in. Through her story she conveys her strong will and sensitivity to life and work in an unashamed and poetic way.

FCT: Tamara, how long have you worked as a freelance writer?

I’ve been dipping in and out of that role since I chose words as a career path. I generously gave my time to freelance projects during my in-between moments, when the office roles and company culture conflicted with my vision and integrity.
But until recently, I’ve never believed or given myself the chance to branch out. This was until I decided to invest in my potential, skill set and refined craft with a confidence to secure me, which is why I joined FCT in November 2016. So, it’s still early days – and I’m curious where this journey will take me.

FCT: We like your word choice: Vision, Integrity, Journey… Tell us more about that. What is your vision with your freelance work? What does integrity mean to you? And in your opinion, what are some of the key elements needed for someone who wishes to embark on the freelance journey?

All those attributes have become an extension of the personality and mood my writing carries.

I wear my integrity like a crown, letting it it lead the way.

Writer Tamara Arden with Freelance Cape Town

The media industry is both stimulating and draining. It often narrates your direction, instead of you – so I needed to know who I was and what I stood for before I dedicated my time to a freelance path.
Sifting through each role; you are expected to adapt- be a chameleon, so if you lose sight of your integrity, the work will not sound believable.
My biggest tool is being an active listener, I use it to guide the vision.

You need to learn to be both the lone wolf and the team player on this journey, pairing up ideas and strengths to create artistry.

One vision is essential: it helps absorb and contribute.
Collaborative vision is magic and its practice is humbling.

The important part is the story; it gives context to your timeline and future. No matter the medium, the key is to share it your way. Trust your contribution to the work.

A freelance journey is just about giving clients ‘you’. Everyone is looking for individuality and how it will support their brand. Sincerity, honesty and openness are my go-to’s – you must have a strong will to be be heard and ask as many questions until you feel you have the clarity and understanding of what is expected of you.


Writer Tamara Arden with Freelance Cape Town

FCT: Tell us about the project you most enjoyed working on and why.

I was asked to write, narrate and record an audio tour for Voice Map in 2015. I wouldn’t jump to explain it as enjoyable first. I’d say more along the lines of daunting, awkward and out of my comfort zone, but by the time it was finalised, that joy spread throughout me.
I wrote audio copy for a tour around Braamfontein, Joburg. I thought this would be the only expectation of me, but alas, it was quite a lengthy process – a lot of back and forth, pushing me against the limitations I instilled in myself and audio was a whole new platform to me. I had a great guide with me every step of the way, showing me how to be concise, clear and relatable in my choice of words. I learnt to be a storyteller in a different way. So day after day, as I sat under a duvet to shut the external street noises out, using my phone as a microphone, concealing the discomfort of listening to my voice over and over again, the awkward and the uncomfortable turned into the beautiful and the brilliant. I had created a living piece of content for a dynamic and innovative start-up for people to download and navigate their way around the area I had mapped out. It gave me a taste of that world and I’d love to venture deeper again one day.

FCT: If you could narrate the next freelance chapter of your life, what would your last paragraph sound like?

I think it’s quite an obtuse question, but I’ll write what’s in the heart… She asked for the transparency and certainty of today, the potential of another tomorrow and the choice to discover liberty in the artistry of life. Shape Shifting constantly as she mastered her every mood, she began to operate on a high emotional frequency where every detail, gesture and interaction deeply moved her. She immersed herself in nature and used gratitude as a foundation to appreciate the comings and goings, the temporary and the divine.

The gift was just to stay present and keep that reminder active:
Be you. Be unashamedly you.


Click here to view Tamara Arden’s profile.

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Freelance with photographer Fred van Leeuwen aka The Image Engineer

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Freelance photographer Fred van Leeuwen adjusts his eye behind the lens. Lights hit the stage; reflecting yellow and red and blue off leather jackets and cheering fans reaching out to where the energy bounces off the rock star’s electric counterpart.

Flash. Image. Capture. That’s where The Image Engineer’s passion for photography fuses with his favourite subject.

We really loved catching up with this talented photographer and hope you also enjoy this window into the freelance lifestyle of The Image Engineer.

freelance photographer

FCT: When did you start working in the freelance industry?

I started building my freelance career after graduating from college in 2009. After working numerous full time jobs that I tried to keep as closely related to photography as possible, I finally made the switch in June 2016. I quit my day job and embarked on a career as full time freelance Photographer and Retoucher.

FCT: Was it an easy transition?

I don’t think any transition of this nature happens without a few hitches. I had prepared myself before undergoing the transition, but it still had a few small kinks in the chain here and there. I think once you are able to secure a few long-term clients on the side, it’s much easier making the switch.

FCT: Sum up your skills in 7 words.

Perfectionist, knowledgeable, industrious, versatile, experimental, unorthodox, resourceful.

FCT: What do you enjoy most about freelancing?

I’m a bit of a control freak when it comes to my own work. Being able to manage my own time, set up meetings and take control of my work is what I live for.

FCT: Do you think freelancing is unconventional?

Perhaps a few years back it would’ve been unconventional, but I know of quite a few people pursuing a career as freelancer these days, especially in Cape Town.

FCT: Describe the verb ‘to freelance’ in the dictionary according to you.

free·lance | ˈfrēˌlans/ verb: Freelancing is a bit like switching over from Automatic to Manual Mode on your camera; From a safe, corporate environment where it’s more likely you’re being told to stay in line, to switching over and being completely in control of your own success or failure. It’s both daunting and exciting at the same time.

freelance photographer

FCT: Tell us about your work ethic.

With today’s digital world, instant gratification has become an ever-growing need. Clients expect a week’s worth of work to be done in a day. This is where managing expectations as well as drawing a line in some circumstances is quite important when you are your own boss.
You do get the occasional client expecting you to pull an all-nighter or work over weekends – but it’s up to you if you’re willing to do that. I believe a balance is necessary when freelancing. If you’re working yourself to death for little or no pay, something needs to change.

FCT: What do you believe makes you stand out from the crowd? (no pun intended)

Probably my retouching style. I’ve always been drawn to the visual aesthetic of pin-up, retro and those old propaganda posters. I started off mimicking the style when retouching my own images and worked well on Concert and Event Photography. Over the years it has evolved and became a more subtle effect, but it’s the one thing people seem to be drawn to.

FCT: What do you mostly photograph?

I love music, so for the vast majority of my photography career it’s been mainly band/concert photography, with some surrealistic, commercial and landscape photography on the side. I’ve found myself branching out towards doing more fashion/portraiture in the studio the last few months and absolutely loving it. That being said, I’ll never move away from shooting bands.

FCT: Describe the space where you work at?

If I’m not out shooting, location scouting or meeting clients, I’ll be working at my PC from my home in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town.

FCT: What else do you have next to your PC?

My electric guitar. Useful for times when I have to wait for video projects to render or have an extra 5 minutes to spare. It’s been gathering dust in the last few months though, unfortunately.

freelance photographer

FCT: How have you benefited from Freelance Cape Town?

I’m always for entities such as Freelance Cape Town promoting the industry. Especially when it comes to promoting the Photographic Industry. I haven’t been a member for a very long time yet, but I’ve received a few queries already and also managed to secure a neat interview! I believe the foundations have been laid and I’m sure the future has many interesting ventures ahead.

 FCT: Describe your future dream project.

I would’ve loved to go on tour with one of my favourite rock/metal bands during their prime for a month or two. Taking portraits of people like Ozzy, Lemmy, Bruce Dickinson or any other rock stars of that time must’ve been an incredible experience! I wouldn’t mind trading places with photographer Ross Halfin for a while…

For now, I would love to spend a month or two in Iceland with a Hasselblad H6D, a makeup artist, stylist and a few models to shoot surrealistic looking portraits and composites.

FCT: What are your words of wisdom/encouragement for those who are thinking of embarking on the freelance journey?

The freelance journey is a great one if you manage to tame that wild horse and ride her into the sunset.

But don’t expect that you won’t have a few tumbles along the way.
– The first ones are always the worst and will make you want to give up.
– Don’t expect instant success overnight.
– There are hundreds of other fly-by-night freelancers looking to undercut your business and make a quick buck. Create your own signature style and perfect it in order to separate yourself from the crowd and hopefully you will get noticed.
– Use social media to your advantage. If you’re a photographer, use Instagram and learn which hashtags work well for your type of work.
– Get to know the industry and key players. One thing that has helped me boost my business is to collaborate with like-minded photographers. I often get a feeling there’s this unspoken rule to keep to oneself in the freelance photographic industry. That shouldn’t be the case at all! The only way this industry is going to grow is for photographers to tone down their egos and insecurities and work together.

One can gain so much inspiration and knowledge by simply sitting down with another freelancer and chat ideas over a few beers.

Click here to view The Image Engineer’s profile.


This Is How A Capetonian Girl Got A Job In One Day

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Today, 30 September 2015 exactly 1 year ago, 2Oceansvibe.com published an article on how one of our Freelance Photographers, Kate Davies, got work from via our site within 24 hours after we launched.

Today, 1 year later, we are pleased to be able to announce that we have grown a lot in the year that passed and that our new record, for a freelancer to sign up and get work is now 2 hours – not bad to make such a quick ROI as freelancer.

Enjoy the read and once again, thank you 2oceansvibe.com for the great write up.

Finding work can be hard. Anyone who is fresh out of varsity or has left an existing job can tell you – it’s tough out there. Eating cereal for dinner is only fun for so long.

And landing a new job or even a part-time gig to cover the beer bill and feed your cat can be like searching for a needle in a haystack, so why not let it come to you?

A young photographer in Cape Town did just this, and signed up to Freelance Cape Town, built her profile, and within ONE DAY, had her next gig doing what she loves.

Along-the-river-bank-Breede-River  gaschette_10_katedavies_hunger_dps31

In South Africa, especially in Cape Town and Johannesburg, one can also clearly see that the freelance industry is picking up.

There are other freelance websites out there, but they aggregate a whole bunch of international jobs and you end up competing on an unbalanced global scale.

Freelance Cape Town provides that local platform to help get in direct contact with companies and individuals who need your services (or perhaps you’re a company looking for talented individuals).

So whether you’re an illustrator, sushi-maker, photographer, or rate your unique book-keeping skills, Freelance Cape Town is the growing community outside of the corporate box you want to be.

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