Q&A with freelance photographer Johan Coetzee

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FCT: When did you start working as a freelancer?

I started working as a freelance photographer during 2012.

FCT: Sum up your skills in 7 words.

Creative and relatable documentary lifestyle photographer.

FCT: What do you enjoy most about freelancing?

Flexibility in working hours and the ability to focus on what is important for my business at any given time.

FCT: Do you think freelancing is unconventional?

Definitely! It pushes you to think out of the box constantly.

FCT: Describe the verb to freelance in the dictionary according to you.

free·lance | ˈfrēˌlans/ verb: Freedom to apply your acquired skills in a creative variety of ways.

FCT: Tell us about your work ethic.

I follow a strict work ethic of being honest, integral, professional, but still relatable on a personal level with people from all walks of life.

FCT: What do you believe makes you stand out from the crowd?

I see myself as a lifelong student – always learning from other creatives.

With this learned knowledge and skills combined, I bring something unique to my clients.

FCT: Describe the space where you work at?

Outdoors and on location within South Africa or other (mostly) Eastern European and Asian countries.

FCT: How have you benefited from Freelance Cape Town?

Exposure and enquiries from FCT have helped a lot to get local exposure within South Africa.

FCT: What are your words of wisdom/encouragement for those who are thinking of embarking on the freelance journey?

Stay true to yourself and your dreams. In tough times, remember why you started in the first place and let that help carry you through.

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