Freelance with Photographer Malan Louw

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Malan Louw is a traditional South African family man. Reliable, dedicated, grounded and open to adventure. As much as he enjoys capturing the world through his lens, he loves cooking for his wife and kids and even more so over a ‘braai’ with good music.

Enjoy this inside look into the world of a freelancer from our very own Malan Louw’s perspective.

FCT: When did you start working as a freelancer?

I started working as a freelance press photographer at the end of 1999.

FCT: That’s more than 15 years in the field! If you could go back to the end of 1999, what would you tell your younger self about the freelancing world that you wish you had known back then?

(Malan Laughs). It’s not as easy as it looks.

interview with malan louw

FCT: Sum up your skills in 7 words.

I am a creative photographer and videographer.

FCT: Where/What do you draw your inspiration from?

I spend a lot of time looking at other photographers’ work and the comings and goings of everyday life.

FCT: What do you enjoy most about freelancing?

The flexibility and variety of project exposure.

FCT: Do you think freelancing is unconventional?

Freelancing is unconventional and a rewarding way to work.

FCT: In which way do you find it rewarding?

I enjoy the lifestyle it offers. You have room to move and it basically comes down to you get out what you’ve put in.

FCT: Describe the verb to freelance in the dictionary according to you.

free·lance | ˈfrēˌlans/ verb: The exploration, application and development of skills with greater flexibility and control.

FCT: Tell us about your work ethic.

Honesty, quality of work, reliability and dedication play a big role in my work ethic.

interview with malan louw

FCT: What do you believe makes you stand out from the crowd?

My unconventional way of thinking supports new creative ways and ideas in my image-making processes.

FCT: Describe the space where you work at?

I work in open spaces, mostly outdoors and on location.

FCT: Which location has been your favourite up to date?

Err… tough choice, but I really did enjoy a fairly recent project out in the Cederberg shooting an adventure bike promo.

FCT: How have you benefited from Freelance Cape Town?

I have enjoyed great exposure, various leads and successful jobs from Freelance Cape Town since I’ve joined in 08/2015.

FCT: What are your words of wisdom/encouragement for those who are thinking of embarking on the freelance journey?

As a freelancer, you need to keep yourself relevant to changing environments whilst at the same time being consistent with your own style and brand.

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