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Q&A with freelance online marketing guru Lidia Van Wyk

posted by Ed Beukes July 10, 2017 0 comments

FCT: What is SEM & social media marketing?

Lydia: SEM (search engine marketing) utilizes search engines such as Google and social media platforms like Facebook to drive traffic to business websites and generate new business leads through paid advertising.

FCT: How do businesses benefit from SEM and social media marketing?

Lydia: It’s one of the most cost effective ways to reach your target market when they are ready to buy.

Research shows that 90% of online searches are conducted by people who are at the end of the buying cycle. It’s quick to implement, scalable, measurable, provides immediate traffic/sales/leads and creates brand awareness.

FCT: Is it expensive to launch an online campaign using Google or Facebook?

Lydia: You can determine how much budget you’re willing to allocate to your campaigns based on an estimated CPA (cost per acquisition/lead) which is largely determined by your competitors, search traffic volumes and the CPC (cost per click) of your industry keywords (Google Adwords). Facebook is very cost effective as the CPC is relatively low, therefore providing a good ROI with access to very granular audience targeting.

FCT: Sum up your skills in 7 words.

Lydia: Creative, strategic, analytical, resourceful, responsive, proactive, collaborative.

FCT: What do you enjoy most about freelance?

Lydia: I enjoy being my own boss. I also enjoy the challenges it presents as you’re forced to think like a business owner which grows you as a person. I’m passionate about helping businesses to solve their marketing challenges.

FCT: Describe the verb to freelance in the dictionary according to you.

Lydia: freelance | free·lance | ˈfrēˌlans/ verb: A vocation that gives one the option to partner up and add value to an existing entity who require a specific skill or service for a temporary period.

FCT: How have you benefited from Freelance Cape Town?

Lydia: I’ve received some great work referrals and due to these met some people along the way with whom I’ve formed a partnership/collaborative working relationship.

FCT: What are your words of wisdom/encouragement for those who are thinking of embarking on the freelance journey?


  • The beginning is slow – persevere, don’t give up too quick and keep trying different things.
  • Always add value to your clients and go the extra mile.
  • Network at every opportunity and look for different ways to find new clients.
  • Never turn down an offer to meet potential clients (even if they might not have work for you at the time). These very same clients could be calling you in a year’s time.

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