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Swooning over Sunsets

posted by Marius Vosloo March 14, 2016 0 comments

Mark Sampson is a dreamer, gypsy-at-heart and a believer in the impossible. He’s got a degree or two in Life Sciences and a diploma in marketing. Add a dollop of determination and a portion of perfection to the mix and the result is an over-qualified, passionate photographer. We caught up with him to found out what makes him tick.

You are qualified in Life Sciences and have a passion for Biology. Tell me about why nature and wildlife interests you, and how that passion has shaped your career as a photographer.

Mother Nature does not have a voice and due to exploitation and habitat loss currently happening the world over, it needs one. In time, I hope my reputation will create enough awareness through the images I capture to help save and protect our precious natural resources.

If you could be any animal in the world, what would it be?

Leopard. No doubt about it. I have always loved their solitary, secretive nature, whilst all the time maintaining an elegant charismatic aura. Amazing camouflage and tree-climbing ability gives them the edge over the majority of other predators. Beautiful creatures indeed.

A close second are dolphins. I love their playful demeanor and intelligent social structures.

You are driven by a desire to be an award-winning photographer. You also know that a great photo won’t necessarily win the awards it deserves. With that in mind, how do you manage your hopes and expectations?

Long gone are the days I am convinced all my images are brilliant, although I do have my favourites. I let feedback and response direct me to an extent, but I have my own style that I won’t deviate from too much. Client feedback is always important for direction as well, and entering competitions and being a member of a number of photographic sites also helps.

I often find myself shooting nature while covering outdoor events, which clients seem to like because it advertises the beauty of the area.

Most successful creatives can point to a defining moment in their career. It could be a great idea, a piece of work that sparked a breakthrough or crossing paths with someone that changed everything. Can you highlight a moment that changed your career?

Absolutely. Six years ago I bumped into an official race photographer while working in sponsorship and operations at the Cape Epic. After chatting to him, I was convinced that is what I wanted to do. Last week, I proudly walked out the Cape Epic offices after being appointed an official photographer. If I hadn’t had that chat, I would not be where I am today.

You’re a self-proclaimed sucker for a sunrise or sunset. You’re certainly not alone in that regard. I’ve always regarded sunrise as more special – perhaps because I see them less frequently. What are your thoughts?

I’m a sunset guy myself. For some reason they seem to be more spectacular and the images I get are better. Maybe it’s because I’m more awake than for sunrises…

I also find the afterglow of a sunset very user-friendly for photography. It lasts quite a while, allowing me to get creative with silhouette and blurred shots.

You’ve previously confessed to having a dry sense of humour. Does that have any impact on your work or perspective as a creative?

I wouldn’t say my work, but possibly on my relationship with clients. Events can be very stressful for clients and sleep deprivation can also become a factor in stage events. My sense of humour often helps cheer people up, although it also gets me into trouble at times.

You’re a believer in the impossible. What do you hope to achieve by the time you’re pipe, slippers and rocking chair that you can tell your future grandchildren and instill the same belief in them?

Firstly I would tell them not to smoke a pipe, LOL.

But on a serious note, I really hope to make a difference with my work to create awareness. Nature and its resources are not finite and self-maintaining.

We need be more aware of the destruction we’re causing and it can’t carry on. Thousands of species are extinct at the hands of humans and creating awareness through education and beautiful imagery is my ultimate goal – for my own future grandchildren and everyone else’s.


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Fulfilment through Freedom

posted by Marius Vosloo March 9, 2016 0 comments

We recently had the pleasure to welcome Natascha Strauss to our Freelance Cape Town family.

Take some time out of your day and enjoy the read below to get to know Natascha and her writing style better.

Up to this point, my life has been extraordinary.

Euphoric highs, catastrophic lows and heart-warming everyday moments fuelled a kaleidoscopic spectrum of emotions, sensations and experiences that are now life lessons, meaningful scars and cherished memories.

The thing is: I want to keep living an extraordinary life in 2016 – and beyond – and for that to happen I need freedom.

Freedom to determine and change my routine, whenever I please.

A chance to foster new skills.

The opportunity to manage myself.

The choice to use my time to grow… or simply to indulge in life’s simple pleasure.

The Change

This sudden desire for independence is the result of a number of events, over a period of time that gradually, yet significantly influenced me. Then again, perhaps it is the Saturn Return theory at play (also mentioned by fellow Cape Town freelancer, Nadia Krige, in her recent OurVoice blog post.)

My point is, I reached a crossroads and it was time for a life-altering decision.

So I made one. I chose freedom.

At the end of February, I left my job. It was a monumental move; possibly the boldest thing I have ever done. It meant I had to leave my work family and give up the security of a steady income, among other things of course.

The Road Ahead

Now, although it has only been a few days, I rejoice in my independence (despite being a mild sufferer of impostor syndrome). Armed with a healthy fear of the unknown and almost crippling excitement for the future, I cannot help but to feel alive and surprisingly focused. My restrictions are my own and the drive to succeed is invigorating.

Here’s to the future!



What I’ve personally learnt in 1 year since launching my 1st Startup

posted by Marius Vosloo March 1, 2016 0 comments

Our friends at ICIC ( Inner City Ideas Cartel ) recently caught up with me, Marius Vosloo, to find out what I’ve learnt in my 1st year since launching my first Startup and how those lessons can help make 2016 more successful.

Enjoy the read,

If you live in Cape Town and your preferred destination is to be self-employed successfully, Freelance Cape Town is your first class ticket. They are the Mother City’s premier platform for freelancers and aspiring start-ups. If you have skills or a service to advertise, Freelance Cape Town is the place to showcase your quality.

But building it hasn’t been easy.

“2015 was a tough year,” says Marius. “It was our first year and we had to prove ourselves in order to be taken seriously. Many times, I actually thought of giving up.”

But he didn’t. Though Marius flirted with the notion of returning to a nine-to-five that pays the bills but fails to stimulate the soul, he plugged away continuously and relentlessly.

“It does pay off to work hard and push through with your dreams and visions. It’s not easy and you will feel like giving up. But the reward is priceless and your story of pulling through can inspire other people.”

Partnering with Inner City Ideas Cartel was a turning point. The benefits of working with a dedicated team that works selflessly towards a common goal became extremely clear.

“That’s what a team does,” says Marius. “Wanting everyone in the team to succeed leaves no room for selfishness.”

After amassing a portfolio of nearly 300 entrepreneurs last year and contributing R1 million to regional freelance economy, the goal for 2016 is to reach for the stars. This year will see Freelance Cape Town rework their corporate identity and launch a new website with vastly improved functionality.

The next objective is to “create more work and income opportunities for our freelancers on Freelance Cape Town and expand the brand to other cities in South Africa, helping more entrepreneurs to grow and achieve their dreams.”

2016 promises to be a momentous year for Marius and the rest of the Freelance Cape Town team as they continue to establish themselves as the most important platform for freelancers in Cape Town.


All credit to Inner City Ideas Cartel for this article which can also be found on their own journal page.





This Is How A Capetonian Girl Got A Job In One Day

posted by Marius Vosloo September 30, 2015 0 comments

Today, 30 September 2015 exactly 1 year ago, published an article on how one of our Freelance Photographers, Kate Davies, got work from via our site within 24 hours after we launched.

Today, 1 year later, we are pleased to be able to announce that we have grown a lot in the year that passed and that our new record, for a freelancer to sign up and get work is now 2 hours – not bad to make such a quick ROI as freelancer.

Enjoy the read and once again, thank you for the great write up.

Finding work can be hard. Anyone who is fresh out of varsity or has left an existing job can tell you – it’s tough out there. Eating cereal for dinner is only fun for so long.

And landing a new job or even a part-time gig to cover the beer bill and feed your cat can be like searching for a needle in a haystack, so why not let it come to you?

A young photographer in Cape Town did just this, and signed up to Freelance Cape Town, built her profile, and within ONE DAY, had her next gig doing what she loves.

Along-the-river-bank-Breede-River  gaschette_10_katedavies_hunger_dps31

In South Africa, especially in Cape Town and Johannesburg, one can also clearly see that the freelance industry is picking up.

There are other freelance websites out there, but they aggregate a whole bunch of international jobs and you end up competing on an unbalanced global scale.

Freelance Cape Town provides that local platform to help get in direct contact with companies and individuals who need your services (or perhaps you’re a company looking for talented individuals).

So whether you’re an illustrator, sushi-maker, photographer, or rate your unique book-keeping skills, Freelance Cape Town is the growing community outside of the corporate box you want to be.

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