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What I’ve personally learnt in 1 year since launching my 1st Startup

posted by Marius Vosloo March 1, 2016 0 comments

Our friends at ICIC ( Inner City Ideas Cartel ) recently caught up with me, Marius Vosloo, to find out what I’ve learnt in my 1st year since launching my first Startup and how those lessons can help make 2016 more successful.

Enjoy the read,

If you live in Cape Town and your preferred destination is to be self-employed successfully, Freelance Cape Town is your first class ticket. They are the Mother City’s premier platform for freelancers and aspiring start-ups. If you have skills or a service to advertise, Freelance Cape Town is the place to showcase your quality.

But building it hasn’t been easy.

“2015 was a tough year,” says Marius. “It was our first year and we had to prove ourselves in order to be taken seriously. Many times, I actually thought of giving up.”

But he didn’t. Though Marius flirted with the notion of returning to a nine-to-five that pays the bills but fails to stimulate the soul, he plugged away continuously and relentlessly.

“It does pay off to work hard and push through with your dreams and visions. It’s not easy and you will feel like giving up. But the reward is priceless and your story of pulling through can inspire other people.”

Partnering with Inner City Ideas Cartel was a turning point. The benefits of working with a dedicated team that works selflessly towards a common goal became extremely clear.

“That’s what a team does,” says Marius. “Wanting everyone in the team to succeed leaves no room for selfishness.”

After amassing a portfolio of nearly 300 entrepreneurs last year and contributing R1 million to regional freelance economy, the goal for 2016 is to reach for the stars. This year will see Freelance Cape Town rework their corporate identity and launch a new website with vastly improved functionality.

The next objective is to “create more work and income opportunities for our freelancers on Freelance Cape Town and expand the brand to other cities in South Africa, helping more entrepreneurs to grow and achieve their dreams.”

2016 promises to be a momentous year for Marius and the rest of the Freelance Cape Town team as they continue to establish themselves as the most important platform for freelancers in Cape Town.


All credit to Inner City Ideas Cartel for this article which can also be found on their own journal page.





This Is How A Capetonian Girl Got A Job In One Day

posted by Marius Vosloo September 30, 2015 0 comments

Today, 30 September 2015 exactly 1 year ago, published an article on how one of our Freelance Photographers, Kate Davies, got work from via our site within 24 hours after we launched.

Today, 1 year later, we are pleased to be able to announce that we have grown a lot in the year that passed and that our new record, for a freelancer to sign up and get work is now 2 hours – not bad to make such a quick ROI as freelancer.

Enjoy the read and once again, thank you for the great write up.

Finding work can be hard. Anyone who is fresh out of varsity or has left an existing job can tell you – it’s tough out there. Eating cereal for dinner is only fun for so long.

And landing a new job or even a part-time gig to cover the beer bill and feed your cat can be like searching for a needle in a haystack, so why not let it come to you?

A young photographer in Cape Town did just this, and signed up to Freelance Cape Town, built her profile, and within ONE DAY, had her next gig doing what she loves.

Along-the-river-bank-Breede-River  gaschette_10_katedavies_hunger_dps31

In South Africa, especially in Cape Town and Johannesburg, one can also clearly see that the freelance industry is picking up.

There are other freelance websites out there, but they aggregate a whole bunch of international jobs and you end up competing on an unbalanced global scale.

Freelance Cape Town provides that local platform to help get in direct contact with companies and individuals who need your services (or perhaps you’re a company looking for talented individuals).

So whether you’re an illustrator, sushi-maker, photographer, or rate your unique book-keeping skills, Freelance Cape Town is the growing community outside of the corporate box you want to be.

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FeatureWeb Development

From Disc Jockey to Web Development Junkie

posted by Marius Vosloo September 9, 2015 2 Comments

We recently met up with Deborah Butler, the face behind The Startum Project brand and local Web Developer.

What made you decide to become a web developer and after your studies,  start freelancing?

I moved to London in my early 20s (many years) to discover what I wanted to do with my life. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), I found that I wanted to be a DJ and drink beer! But while I was doing that, I developed a strange fascination with this thing called HTML. I had no idea what it was, what exactly it did, all I knew was that you used it to build websites, and I was interested in that. I went down to the local high street and bought a book from Waterstones and messed around a little. I had no idea what I was doing and so only dabbled for a few months and my djing career started to take off, so I completely forgot about it.

Once I moved back to Cape Town 8yrs later, I landed a very good job as a Sales person in an internet security company. I hadn’t done sales before and seemed to have a natural knack for it. I thought this was what I wanted to do. The glamour and glitz of sales soon wore off though and 10 yrs later it was time for a change. I knew there had to be something out there that I was destined to do (yes I said destined…because deep down we all believe in fate and destiny right…right?). Even though I’d been in sales, the internet and websites still fascinated me, and being in web development always had an appeal. I could combine two things that I love, creativity and technology. And so after much much thought, I decided to take myself to college at the grand old age of 36 to obtain my Diploma in Front End Development.

The courses were hard and amazing at the same time, I loved it. When I finished studying, I knew I had to put everything that I learned into practice, and putting a portfolio together was logically the first thing I needed to do. So I put out a few feelers, mostly to friends and family on family, asking to build websites for them. The reception was amazing and I started building a few websites. Then my first client came along. Well, once I started their website I was hooked. It was all I wanted to do, 24/7, build websites. I knew that this was it, this is what I wanted to do and what I should have been doing all these years (dam the djing and the beers). And to this day that hasn’t changed even a little bit.

When you took the leap to freelance, how did you go about marketing yourself?

I did a lot and still do a LOT of researching on freelancing. From how to market yourself as a freelancer to invoicing clients. Knowledge is power as they say, and most articles are geared towards freelancing in America or Europe. Freelancing in South Africa being a different kettle of fish, it was essential for me to do as much research as I could/can. I took the best and the most applicable information out of these articles and started to apply them. Number 1 in all the articles is build a portfolio website to showcase your work. Well, that was no small feat for me, I can be a slight perfectionist sometimes and a little indecisive. So it took me many many months and with many changes, before I was happy and ready to publish it. I put together a groovy looking newsletter that announced the launch of my website, and I emailed it to every single person I had made contact with in the past 10yrs. I’m still getting feedback from that newsletter today!

Mainly, work comes to me either through referrals or networking. In order for me to get referrals I knew that I needed to get work and I knew that meant I would have to network. I started to really put myself out there, physically out there (and still do). I try to attend all the web developer functions/conferences/talks that I can find. You will always find me at the CTFED’s and UI/UX meetups, conferences and functions about anything web like that is happening in Cape Town. Talking to people and getting my name known has definitely been the best way to market my business.

With the networking there has also been a lot of opportunities to work for NGO’s and charity organisations, as well as teaching in rural and under privileged communities. It really has been the greatest joy being able to give back what I’ve learnt and to help others.

How soon after registering on Freelance Cape Town did you get your first freelance job via the site?

I received my first job through Freelance Cape Town within 4 weeks of joining. People contact me regularly through the website looking for a freelance web developer. Freelance Cape Town has brought me a number of projects, and introduced me to other freelancers who I’ve worked along side with.

Its most definitely the best and only resource for freelancers in Cape Town and South Africa for that matter.

Deborah Butler, the face behind this local Web Development brand

Deborah Butler, the face behind this local Web Development brand

You are welcome to view Deborah’s profile on Freelance Cape Town where you can make contact with her, you can also have a look at her personal site here.

From our side at Freelance Cape Town,  we would like to share more Freelance journey’s as each one is unique.

If you would like to share yours, do mail me on

Have a wonderful day

Marius Vosloo

Ideally suited
Ideally suited
Ideally suited
Ideally suited

Ideally suited

posted by Marius Vosloo September 1, 2015 3 Comments

With a name that sounds like some secret society for the young, urban cool kids, the Inner City Ideas Cartel is arguably the most desirable co-working and networking venue in Cape Town. It’s a place geared towards establishing a central base and community of like-minded people who work for themselves, are mobile agents or part of innovative start ups about to take over the world.

After the success of the first venue along the Fan Walk that opened in 2013 as well as the increasing demand for beautifully designed and considered office space by the city’s growing community of independent workers and small businesses, the opening of ICIC 2 in Loop Street a month or so ago couldn’t have come at a better time.

With 10 000m2 of premium office space in the heart of Cape Town’s CBD, this place puts the ‘hot’ into hot-desking. The building has heritage status and was taken over and put through a rigorous refurbishment by Kings Cross Property, a development company with a keen eye for aesthetically pleasing design with green sensibilities. The space feels like a sophisticated gentleman’s club straight out of Brooklyn; think facebrick walls, marble, timber, leather, brass and slate finishes. The beautiful views of Cape Town’s street life and exceptional furnishings by local designer Monya Eastman of Stokperd up both the class and comfort factor.

From hot-desking day passes to semi permanent desk spaces, to co-working nodes as well as full company offices, the memberships at ICIC 2 are as varied as the definitions of ‘freelancer’ or ‘independent worker’. Included in all membership is access to some of the city’s fastest fibre optic networks, VOIP phones, cleaning, security and conscierge services.

Written by Genevieve Putter

Premium co working space in Cape Town

What it means to be free

posted by Marius Vosloo August 26, 2015 0 comments

What made me leave the corporate world after seven years? Egos, red tape, some bigger egos, being kept in a box and being led to believe that “I needed to be in this job”.

What started out as “just a project” after reading an article that one of my clients sent me on how there were 53 Million American Freelancers who are their Own Bosses, soon became a startup. Eleven months later and Freelance Cape Town is a small and dynamic company that isn’t only being used by local clients looking to outsource work to reliable, local creatives but also clients from other parts of the world who are doing the same. For me personally this has been an incredible journey since we launched on the 26th of September last year. Almost a year later we can say with confidence and pride that our aim of creating opportunities and wealth for Cape Town’s freelancers is being fulfilled.

To date, we estimate that there have been more that 700 client-to-freelance connections made through as well as roughly R 400 000 worth of briefs that came through our site, which we know of. Many of our freelancers have also been contacted more than once and currently a large number have more than one retainer per month from clients who made contact with them through us. The briefs and connections continue to gain cadence and we’re confident this will continue and only get better as we’re constantly innovating and adding new functionalities to our site, which is relaunching with a new look and feel next month. This is what we are here to do, we want to create opportunities and we want to create wealth for our freelancers.

Our greatest growing asset of course is that we have 250 + premium freelancers on board but most importantly we can say that we personally know or have worked with most of them thus we also  function as a small creative agency. How this aspect of the business works is that our direct clients and agencies send us briefs where we source the perfect freelancer from our database for that job, saving the clients a lot of time and money as they don’t need to look for reliable freelancers themselves. By matching our freelancers to our clients briefs we also save money for our clients as well as reduce their risk of loosing money. This is because a lot of startups and even bigger companies cant afford to pay fixed salaries so they have to outsource and we can help them find the most suitable person for the job, saving time and money.

Aside from relaunching our site we are looking forward to collaboration opportunities with like minded companies and individuals.  We want to be the voice of our local freelance community, to give them as many opportunities as possible.. We are 100% committed to creating, maintaining and growing a platform that can pride itself on being the number one freelance- outsourcing platform in Cape Town and in South Africa.

all the best,

Marius Vosloo

You are welcome to contact me personally also, we are not a machine operated company.

“Our Voice”, where Cape Town creatives will be heard

“Our Voice”, where Cape Town creatives will be heard

posted by Marius Vosloo August 26, 2015 4 Comments

We’re excited to announce that Freelance Cape Town has launched it’s own blog, ‘Our Voice’.

‘Our Voice’ will be a showcase of the creative and personal work of our freelancers, with a focus on the stories behind their work. It will enable freelancers to share their own unique and creative voice in Cape Town, and beyond.

As an addition to copy, photos and video, ‘Our Voice’ also has an audio functionality which will enable freelancers to tell the stories behind their work. This added feature will capture emotion and add personality in a way few other platforms do.

If you as a Freelance Cape Town member would like to be part of ‘Our Voice’ you can contact us at or We will get in touch via email or schedule a meeting to discuss how to best feature you, your skills and work on this new platform.

As a creative platform, ‘Our Voice’ will showcase your work to our entire community. Get in touch and join us on this new venture.

All the best,