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What it means to be free

posted by Marius Vosloo August 26, 2015 0 comments

What made me leave the corporate world after seven years? Egos, red tape, some bigger egos, being kept in a box and being led to believe that “I needed to be in this job”.

What started out as “just a project” after reading an article that one of my clients sent me on how there were 53 Million American Freelancers who are their Own Bosses, soon became a startup. Eleven months later and Freelance Cape Town is a small and dynamic company that isn’t only being used by local clients looking to outsource work to reliable, local creatives but also clients from other parts of the world who are doing the same. For me personally this has been an incredible journey since we launched on the 26th of September last year. Almost a year later we can say with confidence and pride that our aim of creating opportunities and wealth for Cape Town’s freelancers is being fulfilled.

To date, we estimate that there have been more that 700 client-to-freelance connections made through as well as roughly R 400 000 worth of briefs that came through our site, which we know of. Many of our freelancers have also been contacted more than once and currently a large number have more than one retainer per month from clients who made contact with them through us. The briefs and connections continue to gain cadence and we’re confident this will continue and only get better as we’re constantly innovating and adding new functionalities to our site, which is relaunching with a new look and feel next month. This is what we are here to do, we want to create opportunities and we want to create wealth for our freelancers.

Our greatest growing asset of course is that we have 250 + premium freelancers on board but most importantly we can say that we personally know or have worked with most of them thus we also  function as a small creative agency. How this aspect of the business works is that our direct clients and agencies send us briefs where we source the perfect freelancer from our database for that job, saving the clients a lot of time and money as they don’t need to look for reliable freelancers themselves. By matching our freelancers to our clients briefs we also save money for our clients as well as reduce their risk of loosing money. This is because a lot of startups and even bigger companies cant afford to pay fixed salaries so they have to outsource and we can help them find the most suitable person for the job, saving time and money.

Aside from relaunching our site we are looking forward to collaboration opportunities with like minded companies and individuals.  We want to be the voice of our local freelance community, to give them as many opportunities as possible.. We are 100% committed to creating, maintaining and growing a platform that can pride itself on being the number one freelance- outsourcing platform in Cape Town and in South Africa.

all the best,

Marius Vosloo

You are welcome to contact me personally also, we are not a machine operated company.

“Our Voice”, where Cape Town creatives will be heard

“Our Voice”, where Cape Town creatives will be heard

posted by Marius Vosloo August 26, 2015 4 Comments

We’re excited to announce that Freelance Cape Town has launched it’s own blog, ‘Our Voice’.

‘Our Voice’ will be a showcase of the creative and personal work of our freelancers, with a focus on the stories behind their work. It will enable freelancers to share their own unique and creative voice in Cape Town, and beyond.

As an addition to copy, photos and video, ‘Our Voice’ also has an audio functionality which will enable freelancers to tell the stories behind their work. This added feature will capture emotion and add personality in a way few other platforms do.

If you as a Freelance Cape Town member would like to be part of ‘Our Voice’ you can contact us at or We will get in touch via email or schedule a meeting to discuss how to best feature you, your skills and work on this new platform.

As a creative platform, ‘Our Voice’ will showcase your work to our entire community. Get in touch and join us on this new venture.

All the best,